End of semester blues

As the semester is winding down and we are nearing the last few weeks of classes, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. On top of school work, writing papers, designing websites, etc, I’ve also been apartment hunting which isn’t easy.

Looking for a place Kearney right now is like finding a needle in a hay stack–nearly impossible. Everyone seems to be looking for a place right now. Today my roommate and I finally found a place within our budget and with two bedrooms and close to campus. We are applying tomorrow and hoping to get accepted over the weekend and slowly start moving in and making it our own.

As much as I travel home to Omaha on the weekends for things I have going on there, it makes it even harder to get things done here. These next few weeks I need to really get my priorities straight and get everything done well and on time.

I could go on and on about the topic about not having enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do and make everyone happy as well as myself. Going home on the weekends is always very stressful. My dad needs help with something, my mom will need help with something, my grandma needs help with something, and I have stuff to do too. No, I’m not complaining, I’m just wishing there were enough hours in the day to please everyone and still have time for myself.

Something tells me life isn’t going to slow down or get any easier. I guess I better enjoy it while I can.


One thought on “End of semester blues

  1. I hear ya! I looked at the calendar and freaked out a little about getting my website done. When I go home it’s kind of the same thing you described. I also have 2 little sisters so I usually end up going to sporting events, helping with homework, etc. I love going home but I never get anything done!

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